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What can you do with 12 extra hours a week?

August 3, 2011

We Want to Give You 12 Extra Hours a Week

written by Shelah Johnson, posted on June 22, 2011

Save 12 Hours a Week!

The average woman spends over 1.72 hours a day on house cleaning and men you are not far behind, you spend a little over 1.5. That’s almost two hours a day, or more than 624 hours a year spent on pushing brooms, polishing furniture and beating rugs. For couples, that’s over 24 hours a week spent on house cleaning alone. To the people living in small footprints, the notion of spending over 24 hours a week cleaning is absurd. For most small habitat dwellers, 20 minutes a week is all it takes to clean top to bottom, front to back. As a result, they have almost one whole month of disposable time a year. If you needed another reason to go small (or hire the best cleaning service in town!), here is what some small foot printers do with their new found hours:



There are millions of community organizations that need a few of your hours to help make big differences. Teach a child to read, organize a clean-up or take a senior to tea.



Who couldn’t use a little down time each week? Take a half hour each day for contemplation, in a few days, you’ll feel like you’ve just come back from a sunny Greek island.



We’ve long known that journaling is a great stress reliever, but it is also a great tool for self growth, healing, problem solving and is great for enhancing your intuition and creativity.


Learn another language

Pickup up conversational language tapes at your local library or download them from the web. After you make it past level three, take a trip to test-drive your new knowledge – you can use the money you saved on cleaning supplies to buy a new pair of shoes! Can we all say “Italy” together?


Take up a new hobby

Hobbies help to develop personal value and support work-life balance. There are so many hobbies suited for small space living; drawing, carving, needlework, container gardening, photography. Rather than holding onto all the bi-products of your hobby, consider using them to benefit a local charity.


Read the classics

Build your brain power by spending some time with the classics. They not only help you improve your vocabulary, but they also improve your writing and speaking ability. You’ll also learn the origin of many of our most famous quotes; “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”



“Let’s get together. Let’s keep in touch.” How many times have you said that with meaning? Is it time to stop spending so much time leaning on a vacuum cleaner and more time leaning on a pen? Spend some time sending out invites for coffee or wine and a movie.


Befriending music

Start collecting dance steps and musical notes rather than dust rags. A catchy beat or soothing melody can provide a sense of control, release negative feelings, and boost your mood and outlook. Why not learn to play an instrument? You may not have room for a tuba or a full set of drums, but there are a lot of other options to choose from, including guitar, sax, mandolin, accordion, harmonica or violin for example.


Take up a sport

Urban golf, skydiving, hiking, wall climbing, fly fishing or cycling; with over 12 additional hours a week to focus on a new sport, you can actually have the time to get good at it! What would you take up?


Become a Dream Chaser

The key to living a well-lived life is the permission we give ourselves to chase our dreams – 624 hours is a good start to making your dream come to life.

About Shelah Johnson

I’m a total trailer chick. I live full time in my 1976 – 31’ Airstream Excella 500 which is parked on an island in the middle of two converging river in the Pacific Northwest. Working in marketing and business development can be very stressful but my trailer allows me to be on vacation every day, at least for part of the day. And it keeps me in touch with my more bohemian side.

Source: We Want to Give You 12 Extra Hours a Week

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