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August 1, 2011



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Institute for Service Excellence Launches Curriculum for House Cleaning Technicians

Charleston, SC – August 1, 2011 – The Institute for Service Excellence (ISE) announces its launch as the first school for House Cleaning Technicians and residential cleaning business management. ISE was founded by a group of pioneers in the residential cleaning industry, leaders in innovation who seek to highlight the scientific and technical skills a true House Cleaning Technician demonstrates with consistency and quality.

The curriculum for ISE is based on three core values: leadership – excellence – commitment. ISE’s approach is two-pronged: house cleaning technicians learn the science and the technical skills of cleaning using the latest information and tools, while owners and management teams hone their skills and knowledge in operations, marketing, human resources, and more. ISE is committed to providing leadership in the house cleaning industry and delivering the education that is the foundation of excellent service in the form of timely, best-practice courses in individual and business development as well as technical training not currently available to support a prosperous residential cleaning business.

“As active members of the Association for Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI), we are committed to enhancing the resources available to both experienced veterans and aspiring stars of the residential cleaning industry,” explained co-founder David Kiser of Champagne Services. “Today, with ISE, we are taking another giant leap forward. ISE brings a new opportunity to companies that want to build wealth and increase their value in the marketplace. ISE courses and programs are a compilation of business management and scientific best practices as they apply to the cleaning service industry. The unique value of ISE is that we address the training of both the technician and the management.”

The inaugural course is anticipated in Fall 2011 and will teach owners and management teams why and how to transition their business model and house cleaning technicians from traditional cleaning methods to the chemical-free cleaning methodology. The course will include full house cleaning technician training in the chemical-free cleaning method. Sign up for the ISE newsletter at to be the first to know about new courses and specials … and to receive 10% off your first class with ISE!

Vicki Coleman, President of Huff-N-Puff Cleaning Services in Maryland, praises the chemical-free cleaning training program her staff received as ISE was testing its training processes: “I was happy to be able to send three of my employees at one time to learn more information about chemical-free cleaning.  They were able to use the Activeion Ionator and the Advanced Vapor Technologies Lady Bug and learn the proper techniques for utilizing these products.  We hope to offer chemical-free cleaning to our current customers.  We also want to target new customers who are interested in chemical-free instead of green products.”

ISE is the collaborative and cooperative effort of four residential cleaning companies: Castle Keepers of Charleston, SC; Champagne Services of Northern Virginia; My Maid Service of Cincinnati, OH; and Town and Country Cleaning Services of Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC. The founders — Tom and Janice Stewart, David Kiser, Derek Christian, and Bruce and Sarah Vance — have more than 75 years of experience in residential cleaning techniques and technologies, business development, and industry innovation.


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