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Have you heard of the Hygiene Hypothesis?

July 28, 2011

We recently stumbled across something called the Hygiene Hypothesis, which asserts that

our bodies are ecosystems that have been damaged by a rapid reduction, in genetic terms, in the number and variety of microorganisms that populate our bodies.”

In different terms, the hypothesis is stated:

a lack of early childhood exposure to infectious agents, symbiotic microorganisms (e.g., gut flora or probiotics), and parasites increases susceptibility to allergic diseases by suppressing natural development of the immune system

In other words, our bodies are getting sick more often and in worse ways because we are killing off the microorganisms (some of which are good germs and bacteria) with all of our disinfecting.

If the Hygiene Hypothesis is true, what does that mean for advancements in cleaning that focus on sanitizing, disinfecting or even sterilizing your home/office?


The Hygiene Hypothesis

Hygiene Hypothesis

The Hygiene Hypothesis: Are Cleanlier Lifestyles Causing More Allergies for Kids?

PBS Library: Hygiene Hypothesis

Asthma: The Hygiene Hypothesis


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