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Cleaning Tip of the Day- Getting your kids toys germ free!

July 22, 2011
Some strands of bacteria can live on surfaces for weeks, and even years! Protect your kids from infection by disinfecting your toys regularly.I am probably a giant freaky freaky germophobe, but better safe than sorry!

We absolutely LOVE the passion this mom has for protecting her kids by cleaning the toys regularly, but we want to give you some food for thought:

After you spray the Lysol on those toys, where do they go next? Into baby’s mouth again, right? Which means that the Lysol is going into baby’s mouth too. Check the MSDS for Lysol Disinfecting Spray, and you’ll see that it carries the highest hazard level: 4-Severe Hazard.

Any time you use a cleaner on a product that your child will touch, please be sure to rinse thoroughly with water after disinfecting; this will help ensure that as much of the toxic disinfecting chemicals as possible are removed before the toy goes back into baby’s mouth.

PS—we LOVE the dishwasher method, even without using detergent. Dishwashers heat the water to disinfecting temperatures, so you don’t need to waste the detergent.

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