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Come’on, tell us the truth! No, really, we want to know!

July 7, 2011

I LOVE a good internet rumor. My favorite is when someone does a copy-and-post on Facebook that it’s Daughter’s Week or some other seemingly logical holiday or observance.

Well, last week, I came across a post that July 7 is National Tell the Truth Day. Ah, skeptic that I am, I checked it out. Just a simple Google search. And what did I find? That someone is NOT telling the truth. I found generic references (like wikipedia,, etc.) claiming not one, but TWO dates for Tell the Truth Day. So I guess you get to choose between

  • Today, July 7 and
  • Wednesday, August 17

Either way we do want you to know that in just about two months, it will be International Housekeepers Week, September 11-17, 2011. IHW is sponsored annually by the International Executive Housekeepers Association. Now, we know we love our housekeepers; they are the absolute heart and soul of our company. And we’re pretty sure you love your housekeepers; you invite them back into your home week after week and send us glowing praises of their work!

So, tell us the truth: what do you think is the best way to celebrate our/your housekeeper and all the she does for you?

Watch for more information about what we decide to do to celebrate our outstanding housekeepers in September!

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