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Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Doll Hair

July 6, 2011

It’s July…the heat is on…the humidity is at full blast. My niece’s American Doll Marianne has been swimming and sliding and making mud pies. She’s as filthy as my niece and needs a bath just as much. Most dolls are pretty easy to wipe down or even dunk in the tub, but what about their hair?

Sure, you can often send a doll in for a “maintenance” shampoo, de-frizz, and re-style, but why pay for shipping and service if you can do it at home?

Why not just wash her hair in the tub with everyone else? Regular people shampoo and conditioner will do the trick. And it makes a great lesson for your daughter about washing and drying and combing hair.

My niece Summy isn’t much on playing in the tub; she IS almost 6, you know, and is old enough for a shower like her mommie and her aunt. So we give Marianne a spa day, using a small wash cloth to wash her body and then wrap her up tight in a warm dry one to mimic the sauna. For her hair, make a small salon cape out of some plastic wrap or foil, and hang her hair over the edge of the sink, just like the sink at the salon. I was able to talk my Summy through washing Marianne’s hair with a tiny drop of shampoo that I put in her hand; she rinsed Marianne’s hair thoroughly…very thoroughly. And then we conditioned it to make it easy to detangle with a comb without losing too much hair.

The toughest part was convincing Summy that Marianne had to stay up on the shelf for her hair to dry.

The next toughest part is coming up with a plan to keep Marianne’s hair clean for a little longer this time. Current incentive: matching Summy and Marianne pocket books that match a set of dresses they both have. I found the pocket books on clearance for $3, Summy knows this, and Marianne has stayed clean for two whole weeks…so far.

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  1. July 19, 2011 11:53 pm

    I know what you mean about dirty doll hair! I have 3 and I wash it often!

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