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GreenSeal Standards for Cleaning Products

June 20, 2011

Ever wonder what it takes for something you buy to be “green”? So have we! The hardest part of the whole matter is that there is no actual standardized definition of what it means to be “green”. But we do have guidance from,


Naturally, we’re most focused on what it takes for cleaning products to be green. After all, with many clients trying as hard as they can to be good to the earth and to themselves, we want to be able to help and provide great cleaning services too!



The best news is that ALL of our products are GREEN SEAL CERTIFIED!




So GreenSeal has established several categories of cleaning product standards…and they are stringent!



Here’s the thing that’s important…YOU need to ASK everywhere you live, work, and play who is cleaning and how they are cleaning! You see, if you are cleaning with GreenSeal certified products at home…or enjoying our green cleaning services…you may still be bringing in harmful product residues from where you work, from the kids’ daycare or school, from the grocery store, from the hair salon, from the gym.

Remember: “green” means a lot of different things to different people and a LOT of “green” concepts are completely unregulated. What we mean is that anyone can say they are “green” and not have to meet any legal standards.

We’re encouraging you to be your own advocate of your commitment to cleaner, safer, and greener habits by encouraging the businesses you patron to be kinder to the earth and make sure they are using products that meet GreenSeal Standards!

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