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Monday Memories: Where were you on D-Day?

June 6, 2011

Sixty-seven years ago today, Americans awoke to learn that the US military had stormed and taken the beaches of Normandy, a move we learned later was the turning point of the war in favor of human rights. Where were you (if you were born)?

To say that the Memorial should only address June 6, 1944 is to deny the efforts on the home front and would ignore the success of the troops as they fought their way through Europe as a direct result of Overlord.  The Foundation stands firm in its resolve to tell the full and accurate story of not just June 6, 1944, but what made it possible, how it was planned, and what occurred in post-history because of it. The Invasion of Normandy was global in its impact and it had many stakeholders around the world.  Simply put, D-Day did not happen in a vacuum.

The Memorial is proud to teach students and adults of all ages about D-Day and on a larger scale about the history of the war.  In just ten years, the Memorial has seen more than one million visitors, educated more than 100,000 school students from throughout the country, hosted more than 150 commemorative programs and events (including lectures on World War II), recorded hundreds of oral histories, amassed a significant collection of artifacts for the future education center, and has given thousands of tours to guests from throughout the country and world, while educating them about World War II and the history of the invasion.

Check out the WWII/D-Day Memorial site…online and in person!

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