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The Value of Industry Recognition: Why ARCSI Matters to YOU!

June 1, 2011

When a residential cleaning company applies for ARCSI recognition, the company has to provide a LOT of legal documentation showing that

  • the company is insured, including liability and workers compensation, and proof of bonding
  • the company performs background checks on prospective employees as part of the hiring process
  • the company participates in on-going industry and business educational programs every year
  • the company has been in business for at least two (2) years.

So what does all of this legal mumbo-jumbo tell ARCSI…and you?

Hiring an insured company certainly protects the company if there is any damage in your home. But YOU benefit most from employing a housekeeper through an insured company, particularly if that person is injured while cleaning your home. Did you realize that if an “independent” housekeeper is hurt while cleaning your home, YOU are responsible for the medical bills? Let ARCSI steer you toward an insured cleaning company!

You might be familiar with background checks from when you were hired for your own job, but you may be surprised to know that many companies still do not run them. As the official industry organization, ARCSI has certainly set the standard for residential cleaning companies to verify that they are hiring and sending upstanding citizens into your home to provide you with the best clean, worry-free!

With new research and technology emerging practically every day, cleaning companies have to “stay in school”, constantly seeking out the latest developments, test them against the best practices, and incorporate them into their services…to provide you with the cleanest, safest, and healthiest home environment. That’s why ARCSI insists that recognized companies show that they attend and present at conferences, participate in scientific research studies, teach their employees and clients not just how but why they clean the way they do.

Finally, ARCSI looks at each company for solid business practices, not just a flash in the pan start-up. Generally speaking, a service-based business that has not just lasted but especially grown in two years (particularly the past 2-3 years during a recession) is a solidly built and run operation. ARCSI is looking out for YOU by recognizing businesses that are likely to be around for a while to build a strong and trusting relationship with you.

Added to all of this, ARCSI requires all recognized home cleaning businesses to accept and adhere to an industry Code of Ethics, stating that the company will

  • Operate constantly in accordance with the best and fully accepted ethical and business practices.
  • Comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  • Provide employees with professional equipment, proper training, and direction.
  • Contribute to the overall growth of the industry by being actively involved in activities that will enhance the overall perception of the residential cleaning industry.
  • Work to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of customers.
  • Provide courteous and prompt handling of all requests and complaints.
  • Strive for the continued improvement of the image and reputation of the industry by good business practices and enlightened public service in the community.

So you might call ARCSI the original cleaning company watchdog, keeping an eye out for current and future clients of America’s home cleaning services, making sure you are as protected as possible while receiving the most excellent service to enhance your home and life!

For more information on the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International, please visit their website at

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