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Wednesday Wet Messes: Lotion on the Sofa

May 25, 2011

We’ve probably all had a delightful laugh at Walmart’s newest commercial featuring two cute kids slathering grandpa’s face with anti-aging cream and then him smearing it on the sofa:

Now, how do you get that out of your sofa safely?

  • Remember, with any wet mess, begin by blotting the mess dry using an undyed hand towel or paper towel.
  • Blot the area with rubbing alcohol, just enough to moisten but not dampen. This may be your last step, especially if you caught the mess early, but if not, try the next step.
  • With a mild detergent mix (1/4 tsp hand dishwashing liquid with 1 quart warm water), blot the area until spot is removed. Be sure to use a detergent free from lanolin and bleach, such as Dawn or Joy.
  • Rinse well by spraying with water and blotting dry with towels and pressure.
  • If for some reason the stain is still not completely out, you can try applying 3% hydrogen peroxide, blotting the stain and then drying completely.

And if you’re still not pleased with the results…or you just want to avoid dealing with the mess, give us a call at My Maid Service!

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