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What’s germier: your bathroom or your kitchen?

May 19, 2011

It’s a common misconception that bathrooms…because of the toilet and what goes in it…is the dirtiest room in the house. But a lot of recent research shows that our obsession with cleaning the bathroom regularly (wink, wink) has turned the kitchen into the forgotten zone.

A recent article on Women’s Health by WebMD highlights the results of a study by the National Science Foundation. Volunteers were asked if their toothbrush holder or their kitchen sponge was germier. While both needed a good cleaning, the kitchen sponge posed a significantly higher germ threat and housed more harmful germs than the toothbrush holder.

Researchers say that your kitchen sponge or dishrag is the single dirtiest thing in your home. Check out this Today Show video featuring a kitchen review by scientists.

Scientist Connie Morbach and Carolyn Forte of Good Housekeeping

Note of Caution: the recommended bleach and disinfectant wipe solutions offered in the video will leave chemical residues on surfaces; these chemical residues can be transferred into your food and onto your hands as you touch the surface between cleanings. For daily cleaning, we recommend using a microfiber cleaning cloth alone or in combination with a chemical free agent such as the Activeion Ionator. For weekly cleaning, a steam vapor system can completely disinfect your kitchen (and other) surfaces.

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