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Heloise weighs in: removing pet stains and odors

May 9, 2011

In the span of two weeks, we’ve all enjoyed quite a few holiday celebrations: spring break from school, Passover, Holy Week and Easter, and most recently Mother’s Day.

So we’re willing to bet in all that excitement, your pet also got excited and

  • piddled on the floor
  • caused someone to trip and spill something on the floor
  • ate a few too many human-food tidbits and his/her tummy rejected them
  • or some combination of all of the above

Not to worry. The famous Heloise shows us just how quick and simple it is to clean up that pet stain and odor. The best thing is that this method is not limited to pet messes…works on them all.

While there are many natural/green and chemical products that effect stain and odor removal, perhaps the most important part of this process is the technique used—that is, the difference between blotting and rubbing/scrubbing.

You see, with carpet fibers, the more you move them, the worse you can make a spot or stain appear, even when it is all cleaned up. This is why blotting is the technique of choice, especially for the first stage of liquid removal from a wet spot.

In some stages of spot/stain removal, you will need to apply cleansing agents to the carpet, but still you do not want to rub or scrub. We like how Heloise uses a damp—not wet—sponge and very little pressure to apply first the dish soap for spot/stain removal, then fresh water to cleanse, and then vinegar for odor removal. Your objective is not to soak the carpet fibers with a new substance but to use just enough of some basic ingredients to remove the spot/stain and odor.

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